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Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s device by the visited sites, where they are stored before being retransmitted to the same site upon the next visit. The so-called “third party” cookies are, however, set up by a different website to the one the visitor is using. This is due to the fact that on each site there may be things (images, maps, sounds or specific links to web pages with other domains etc.) that are located on servers other than the one of the visited site.



This website uses cookies to improve navigation and user experience. The cookies used are:

Technical cookies: These cookies are used for the sole purpose of carrying out the navigation and provide a service requested by the user. Without them some operations wouldn’t be able to be performed or would be complex and/or less secure. Cookies that allow us to perform and maintain the identification of the user during the session are indispensable.

Analytical cookies: They collect information on the user and how they use the site.

Third party technical cookies: Used by third parties to allow the integration of the site with social profiles according to the preferences expressed on social networks and the content shared by the user.

Profiling cookies: These cookies are used to track the user’s browsing habits on the web and create profiles based on their tastes, habits and choices etc. With these cookies, advertising messages can be sent to the user’s device according to the preferences expressed by the user based on the websites visited.



According to the current legislation, this website is not required to request explicit consent for technical, analytical or third party cookies as they are necessary to ensure correct functioning of the site. If the individual user doesn’t agree to use them, they may disable these cookies, with the knowledge that without them, the website and the following services may not be displayed properly or have the possibility to configure online web services and software installed on the user’s  computer.


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